Goodhew's Automotive

Wheel Building Guide

When it comes to building wheels it can be complicated. We have done our best to make the process as easy as possible, but some may still have some questions.
Step 1-
Vehicle Entry- We need the Year Make & Model of the vehicle you are building wheels for so we can get you bolt pattern, hub bore and other specs for your wheels
Step 2-
Suspension & Brake Modifications- We need to know of all modifications you have made to your suspension and brakes, so we can ensure your new wheels will clear everything

Step 3-

3-Piece- The Face, Lip, & Barrel are all separate pieces
2-Piece Mono2- The Face & Lip are made from a single piece of aluminum and then bolts to the barrel
2-Piece Welded- The Lip & Barrel are single piece and face is actually welded to it
Monoblock- Made from a large block of aluminum

Step 4-(3-Piece Only)

Biggest Lip Possible- We will figure out how to get you the most lip possible
Zero Lip-The face of the wheel will be about even with the lip
Rear Load- The face covers the lip, showing more face
Front Load- The face is covered by the lip, showing more lip
Sandwich Mount- The face is sandwiched between the lip & barrel
Elevated Spoke- The Face of the wheel is raised to be even with lip, but you still have a large lip
With Legs- Like Elevated Spoke, but with visible legs connecting the face to the mounting ring
Without Legs- The face is raised above the mounting ring
Monolook- Emulates the clean look of monoblock wheel, but with the status & functionality of a 3 piece wheel

Step 5- Diameter & Width
Pretty self explanatory

Step 6- Offset
Offset is just a measurement comparing where the center of the tire will fit in relation to where the wheel mounts to the vehicle. This is where most people get confused and usually people who think they understand offsets don’t really. So we created a whole guide on it, here.

Step 7-(3-Piece & 2-Piece Welded Only)

Honestly, if we need more explanation of Flat vs Concave vs Deep Concave you are probably better off just contacting us

Step 8-(3-Piece Only)

Step 9- Finish
Any finish you can dream up is available if your wallet can handle it. If not basic finishes are available with no upcharge. Many finishes can be found here.

Step 10- Lip Finish(3-Piece Only)
Polished aluminum is the standard lip finish, but there are tons of options. You can match the wheel face or go chrome or any other finish under the sun

Step 11- Hardware(3-Piece & 2-Piece Mono2 Only)

Pretty easy, show off the bolts that are keeping your wheels together with Exposed or hide them with Hidden

Step 12- Hardware Finish
If you go with exposed hardware you can choose the finish you want it in, free of charge.

Step 13- Lug Nut Style