Goodhew's Automotive

Wheel Purchase Pack


Buy a set of wheels get a bunch of junk, FREE.


Every other wheel company out there sells the same wheels as us, at the same price as we do. There is nothing we can do about that. But, what we can do is offer a special freebie pack

Wheel Purchase Pack includes;

  • 1 shirt with the wheel you purchased on it & our logo
  • 4 wheel towels with your new wheel and our information on them
  • 2 of our Extra Fluffy Towels with you guessed it, your new wheels on them
  • 16oz bottle of Dr. Beasleys Wheel Seal(it may not have your wheels image on the bottle, but it does go on your wheel)


ONLY AVAILABLE TO THOSE PURCHASING 4 WHEELS OR MORE. If you order this without purchasing wheels, the order will be canceled and you will be considered a dumbass.


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