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2014 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Prestige

This Evoque purchase started out as a 2013 Evoque dynamic, I drove it for a week put KW V3 coilovers on it, ordered some Rotiform CVTs and then my Dad told me he really liked it. So that Evoque went to him and I started my search for the perfect Evoque.

Armed with a bit more knowledge than I had when I bought the last one, I knew exactly what I wanted. A ’14 or ’15 Dynamic or Prestige with adaptive cruise, heated windshield, air-conditioned seats and park assist(automatic parking.) I knew that I was going to get another Evoque so I was still ordering parts, while I searched. I have wanted to compare KW coilovers to BC for a while now, so I ordered BC’s for the next Evoque. If you are this page hopefully you know I am a Rotiform dealer. So it shouldn’t be too shocking to find that I went ahead and sent the order for a set of 3pc 22’s that fit an Evoque. It took me a little over a week to find the perfect Evoque.

A 2014 Fuji White Prestige with all of the options I wanted popped up in Chicago. So I paid my deposit immediately and set it up for me to come pick it up the following weekend. It wasn’t until I had been at the dealership an hour that we realized my Bank wrote the check to the wrong dealership. Of course, there wasn’t a branch of my bank anywhere near. Eventually, I convinced them to just let me take it and I would mail them the check as soon as I got back. I almost never test-drive vehicles I am buying, my line of thinking is if it is going to break down it probably won’t happen on the test drive. Well, a test drive may have been a smart move in this case. The left rear mag ride shock had gone bad and was unimaginably stiff. It also ran a bit rougher than a vehicle with as low of miles and expensive as it was. But, at that point, it was mine so whatever.

I was the first customer to buy BC coilovers for an Evoque(shocking) and it took 4 weeks to get them. So I had a little over two weeks of the bad magride shock jarring my skeleton. The roughness was solved with fresh coil packs, sparkplugs, air filter, oil change, and other basic maintenance. I also picked up a set of Niche Vosso wheels at some point. I picked up dynamic front and rear bumpers, I overpaid for them but wanted to get them on(unfortunately still haven’t found the time to get them painted/installed.) My next purchase was a set of side tubes(like on the Harley F150). I had to have those shipped over from Europe. The idea was that I would keep the prestige door panels(paint match them) and the side tubes would work well with the prestige bumpers. Then my BC coilovers finally came in! They went lower than the KW which is what I was hoping for(a comparison will be written between the two, but long story short I prefer BC over KW). But, I found a big flaw the wheels I was having built were going to rub if I ran at the height I wanted to be at.

Air Ride was the only answer I could come up with. But, I did not want to settle for any air ride setup I wanted the best. After tons and tons of research, I found the Accuair Endo CT, an air tank with the compressor inside of it. I planned on going with an Accuair management system, but luckily a friend convinced me to go with an AirLift 3p. Bags for the front were the biggest hurdle because there aren’t any aftermarket strut bearings/mounts for the Evoque. I went with c2b bags all around on my BC coilovers. They worked fairly well, but I didn’t have much lift in the front and they didn’t go as low upfront as I wanted. So with loads more research I switched the front bags to UAS AeroSport bags in the front. I was able to get more height and go slightly lower. So now when aired out the fender liners set on the tires in the front and rear.

My custom built rotiform’s took way longer than usual and they came mid-winter. So I haven’t even had a chance to run them. But, they came out amazing. 3 piece Rotiform VAN with matte black faces, candy black lips, and black exposed hardware. They are 22×9 et45, with Dunlop DZ102  265/35-22 tires. And that is currently how it sits.

Taylor Goodhew

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