Goodhew's Automotive

About US

Unlike most companies, Goodhew’s Automotive story comes from necessity instead of dreams. I never aspired to really offer any of the services that we do, and yet we do happily.

Goodhew’s Automotive is a spin-off of Goodhew’s Roofing(my grandfather’s company.) Nearly everything we do, we started out doing because there wasn’t anyone else skilled in our area capable of doing what we or we were just too cheap to have them do it. The Automotive part of Goodhew’s Automotive was started because we had a lot of really great roofers, that were not great drivers at Goodhew’s Roofing. So instead of paying a shop to fix our wrecked trucks every couple of months we just started our own body shop. But, we did not exclusively work on Goodhew’s Roofing vehicles for long, with no other body shops around we quickly became fairly well known as the place to go for repairs. Shortly after the start of the body shop we began servicing our fleet and even the public.

And all of that was before I was even born.  I built a few cars from ages 13-17, but most of those are a bit embarrassing. It wasn’t until I turned 18 that I found Audi, a 97 Brilliant Yellow A4 to be precise. Shortly after that my B5 passion erupted and I got really into the b5/1.8t. I designed and sold a handful of parts and was really involved in the community. Then life happened and I got out of cars altogether and drove boring stuff. It took a few years until I got back into an enthusiast car.

And it wasn’t until I picked up a 2013 TT-RS that this version of Goodhew’s Automotive came to be. Wheel fitment on the 8j TT-RS almost requires custom-built wheels to clear the 370mm brakes with the right amount of offset to not rub. If you haven’t ordered a custom-built wheel before, it is a pain in the ass. The first company I contacted I had 30+ messages between me and them. They argued about fitment, wheel style and even which color to go with. My last message was, “sounds good. Go ahead and send me the invoice in full and I will pay it,” and I never heard from that company again. So I reached out to another company to build wheels. Almost the exact same arguing, and ended exactly the same way. So I decided there had to be a better way. So I became a Rotiform dealer and started with the plan of making a site you could build, price and pay your deposit on custom-built wheels.

The apparel program was started because Goodhew’s Roofing needed shirts for the employees. Instead of just ordering them we decided to just buy everything we needed to make them. Which rolled over into making business cards, posters, and air fresheners. The majority of the shirt equipment only took a little bit to be compatible with the other mediums.

Currently  staff only Taylor Goodhew, Taylor Manning(Taylor G.’s girlfriend, and our son Gage. The physical Goodhew’s Automotive does have many more employees but that is currently is ran as a separate from the online division.