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The best wheel selling, t-shirt making, business card cutting website out there, and probably the only. We sat out to make wheel buying for people that already know about fitment, easier. We don't offer a year, make, & model search and hopefully never will(we suggest Discount Tire if that is all you want.) Our wheel sales are set up for those that already know the bolt pattern, offset, width and diameter that they want and just want to look for their exact specs. That is not to say we won't help you figure out what you are looking for, feel free to contact us for any help or with any questions you may have.

But... Wheels aren't the only thing we offer. We have a full line of VW, Audi and other designs that I thought were cool. We also are developing air fresheners that are printed and cut to shape, in designs I also thought were cool(Mostly the same stuff as the shirts.) And if you don't think my stuff is as cool as I do, we do one-off apparel(shirts, sweatshirts, flip-flops, etc), air fresheners, posters/large format picture printing, and business cards. Just send me the file, money and give me a few days to make it happen. If you need a little help designing something we also offer design services as well.

And this is only the beginning of We plan to make good use of the "OTHER JUNK" term we used in our tag line. Eventually, we will be offering automotive related, from Catback exhaust to big turbo kits to air suspensions. And further on down the line, we will add our own brand of products made in house to fill gaps in the market for some of the oddball cars that we deal with that have no aftermarket

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